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Real estate complex with winery in Villamuelas - Toledo, Spain

The building is made up of a farmhouse, a house, a warehouse and a winery for the production, aging and bottling of wine.
The surfaces of each area of the farm are:
-Rustic land: 153,719 m2
-Urban land: 6,689 m2
-Warehouse: 3,250 m2
-Large house: 1,250 m2
-Agricultural warehouse: 760 m2
-Homes: 298 m2
4.200.000,00 €

Winery with capacity 450,000 L., Spain

Fully equipped production facilities, storage - 300 barrels (expandable to 1,000 barrels), office, laboratory Capacity - 300,000 liters (expandable to 450,000 liters)
2.800.000,00 €

Winery with capacity 300,000 L, Spain

Bodega equipped and staffed by current technology.
2.500.000,00 €

Winery with capacity 230,000 L., Spain

Production facilities and storage - more than 3000m2. Production hangar 600m2.
3.000.000,00 €

Winery with capacity 200,000 L., Spain

Size of vineyard (Viñedo): 18 hectares. Production of wines of different categories: young, table, vintage, selected. Developed distribution network and importers.
2.800.000,00 €

Winery with 19 hectares of vineyard, Spain

2 marks. Stoсk wine (included in price)
2.150.000,00 €

Winery Melquior

3.500.000,00 €

Winery in Ribera de Duero, Spain

Total area - 767 m2. Production, storage, laboratory, tasting room with a fireplace. The possibility of increasing to 20 000m2. 160,000 liters (can be increased up to 210 000 liters without construction)
1.150.000,00 €

Winery in Penedés (Catalunya)

Production Capacity - more then 8,000,000 bottles.
8.700.000,00 €

Winery in Galicia

Plot 9 Ha; Bodega 1500 m2; 200,000 bottles/year
2.000.000,00 €

Winery for sale

13.000.000,00 €

Bodega en Ribera del Duero

Bodega familiar ubicada en Ribera del Duero, donde cuenta con diez hectáreas de viñedo propio y cuatro en alquiler, con instalaciones con capacidad para elaborar 250.000 botellas al año.
2.800.000,00 €