Promotion V. District XIII

Enormous potential
Zone with excellent projection
This construction is elevated in district XIII of Budapest, one of most modern districts with many more future projections. The innovation, is present in this construction, that is designed according to the canons of the vanguardista architecture.
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The great landscaped spaces right in the center of the city, the amplitude of the sidewalks and the services of the zone, are among other attractive aspects of this place, that many already consider the future neurological center of Budapest.

Numerous multinational companies have installed their seats in this district, which guarantees good perspective of rent, in addition to an excellent potential of revaluation of the houses.



  • Excellent zone in expansion
  • Good infrastructures
  • Landscaped zones
  • Ample route of revaluation
  • Magnificent


Thanks to good infrastructures, from this zone quick access to any part of the city is possible.