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Hungarian Real Estate Market Forecasts

Hungary adhered to the European Union in May of the 2004 and will enter the euro zone in 2012. The revaluation of the floors from this date has been a 15% increase and analysts agree in indicating that this situation will stay and even increase in the coming years. For 2012, when Hungary will introduce the Euro, a boom in prices is expected. Also interest rates will have to be reduced before 2012, to facilitate Hungarian purchase of their own buildings.

How a foreigner can buy in Budapest

Foreigners can buy buildings as a physical person or constituting a society.

In Agat Realty we study the fiscal advantages of both courses to ensure we advise the investor in the most beneficial and customized way.

You need not worry. Agat Realty takes care of all procedures neccessary to make a total guaranteed transaction with simplicity.


How a foreigner can buy in BudapestHow a foreigner can buy in Budapest


Which are the awaited yields

The market of rent of floors at this time provides yields of 5-7%. Also one hopes that in a term of less than 10 years the price of the floors will double.

Demand in the rental market

There is a strong demand in the market for studios and apartments of 1-2 rooms. These floors are rented with ease since Budapest is one capital that welcomes so many multinational workers and students from all over Hungary.

How to assure the amounts given for the purchase a building

In Agat Realty:

  • We paid on the basis of the conclusion of different phases of the whole construction.

The payments that our buyers make go directly to a closed account of the bank that finances the construction. The constructor does not have access to this account until the promotion and transfer of title from the buildings to the buyers has finalized.