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Promotion I. District IX

Studies + houses of 1 and 2 dormitories. This promotion is located in district IX of Budapest, known as Ferencváros. In the last ten years, this zone has undergone a very successful process of rehabilitation, with numerous new projects. In this district we find the Palace of the Arts and the National Theater, as well as a great number of monuments and historical buildings, that little by little are being restored.
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Promotion II. District XIII

Excellent location. Great predicted revaluation.
This promotion is located in district XIII of Budapest. This zone is in constant growth, is considered to be one of the better residential zones of the city. Taking a walk on the streets of this district, allows the view of diverse newly constructed buildings, ample sidewalks, parks of recreation and modern offices of multinational companies.
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Promotion III. District VII

Central studies and houses of 1 and 2 dormitories.
Great Rental demand.
This promotion projected in one of the historical zones of Budapest, relies on a strategic location within district VII.
This complex singularly counts on landscaped zones to enjoy the nature in the heart of the city.
0,00 €

Promotion IV. District XI

Privileged surroundings: Luxurious
Studies + houses of 1, 2 and 3 dormitories
This luxurious project, located in a zone of natural expansion in Budapest, known as district XI, allows one to enjoy the advantages of the city in a situated exclusive urbanization in privileged natural surroundings.
0,00 €

Promotion V. District XIII

Enormous potential
Zone with excellent projection
This construction is elevated in district XIII of Budapest, one of most modern districts with many more future projections. The innovation, is present in this construction, that is designed according to the canons of the vanguardista architecture.
0,00 €

Promotion VI.- POMÁZ

Investment in the mid term
Studies + houses of 1 and 2 rooms
This promotion of excellent qualities and harmonic design, located a few kilometers from Budapest, is the locality of Pomáz. It is a symbol of the perfect fusion between the most modern benefits and nature.
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